March 8, 2022

Wedding at the Grove in Hertfordshire | Shaina and Neel

This desperately romantic wedding at The Grove in Hertfordshire took full advantage of the venue’s gorgeous grounds. Replete with winding hedges and blooming lily ponds, The Grove’s gardens feature an outdoor ceremony site nestled in a green dell. It allows you to say your vows in the round, with all your friends and family circled around you, and when Shaina and Neel saw it, they knew they wanted to have their wedding at The Grove.

One of the genius parts of the day was the absolutely out of this world floral installation that crowned the centre of the ceremony space. Composed almost entirely of pink blooms, it set the tone of feminine whimsey that characterised this whole wedding at The Grove. Many of the bride and groom’s family chose to wear pink, which meant the crowd of guests popped with colour and looked like a bouquet in their own right!

A Romantic Wedding at The Grove

The ceremony was the perfect blend of grandeur and humour. First, the groomsmen got everyone laughing when they interrupted their procession with a little coordinated jig right on the steps! They were followed by the bridesmaids in lovely silky green, and then the moment everyone was waiting for. The bride’s entrance at a wedding is always joyous, but Shaina’s dramatic emergence over the crest of the garden was one for the books.

After the ceremony, everyone popped bottles of fizz (pink, of course!) and enjoyed the gardens while I nabbed Shaina and Neel away for their couple’s photos. We returned to the party in time for The Grove’s exquisite afternoon tea and several beautiful musical performances, including a sax solo. One of my favourite moments was when Shaina put a twist on the traditional bouquet toss – she pitched her lovely bouquet over her shoulder from the back of her getaway car!

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