February 22, 2022

Savile Club Wedding, London | Miki and Adnan

Adnan and Miki got caught in a little shower on their way back to the Savile Club during the day, but we are totally okay with a bit of rain. Radiant in her Blake Ida Bridal dress and Manolo Blahnik shoes, Miki floated down the street – while Adnan, already smashing it as a husband, was faithfully holding the umbrella. The joy in these moments yielded some of my favorite shots from the whole Savile Club wedding.

Floral Magic Made this Savile Club Wedding Spectacular

Miki and Adnan did some genius work on this stunning Savile Club wedding. They knew from the beginning that they wanted to go all-out and celebrate with their friends and family in a proper black tie party, and the splendour of the Savile Club was absolutely the right place for that! The floral wizardry they accomplished here was absolutely insane, and it really made all the difference to the day.

The focal point of any Savile Club wedding will often be their incredible ballroom and ballroom staircase. Miki worked with Love at First Sight Floristry to create a floral installation on the staircase that brought the wildness of the natural world into all this sophistication – they used wild grasses and plenty of foliage for an untamed and glorious centrepiece. During the evening celebrations, all the guests crammed gleefully to the foot of the ballroom staircase to listen to the speeches, which were given on the staircase landing, among the florals, for a touch of drama.

For the dinner, Miki did away with stuffy round tables and instead went with long tables for more of a convivial and joyful atmosphere. Instead of massive central floral arrangements, she and her florist created these swoon-worthy tables scattered with mini-bouquets. It was fresh and gorgeous!

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