December 31, 2021

English Garden Marquee Wedding, Surrey | Tessa and Jamie

Originally, Tessa and Jamie had no plans to hold a garden marquee wedding. Tessa is Dutch, and the couple had settled on a gorgeous wedding in Amsterdam for 2020 – but in all-too-familiar story, they had to postpone their celebrations to 2021 before finally cancelling their destination wedding. With a lot of last-minute planning, they created a garden marquee wedding in Tessa’s childhood home, and it proved to be pretty extraordinary.

Beautiful Details Were The Key To This Garden Marquee Wedding

One of the things I really loved about this wedding was all of the careful attention to detail that Tessa and Jamie poured into it. They incorporated special nods to their Dutch heritage like mini bicycles on the tables and cocktails with Dutch names.

They made the garden marquee wedding feel special by creating a sense of movement and flow – guests experienced three different marquees at different points. The ceremony tent was simple, with huge urns of flowers as the main focal points. Once the ceremony was over, people walked through a tunnel to arrive in a magnificent clear marquee, which really brought the outside garden and trees into the space. The central bar had a leaf display above it, and drinks, canapes and an oyster shucker were circling the room for the guests to enjoy.

At dinner, the dining marquee was revealed: an enchanted midsummers-nights-dream forest with candles, hydrangea chandeliers, and a black ceiling with warm white sparkling lights to mimic the night’s sky. It was a breathtaking, dramatic moment!

The Joy of Family

This celebration was so full of the joy of family, with Jamie and Tessa’s nephews running round and her brother officiating the ceremony. This is a family that loves to party – they had a buffet dessert table because, in Tessa’s words, ‘we knew guests wanted to get dancing soon after the mains!’ Tessa changed out of her long wedding dress into a gorgeous embroidered mini-dress, and rows of espresso martinis were served up as the family danced into the night.

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