February 8, 2022

Eastwell Manor Wedding in Kent, England | Gemma and Ed

Joyful Scenes at this Long-awaited Eastwell Manor Wedding

This Eastwell Manor wedding was something of a triumph in more ways than one – besides being a bit of a gobsmacker, it was the culmination of over three whole years of planning and postponement. You might think that after all that time, there’s no way that the actual event could live up to expectations: but Gemma and Ed said it was all they hoped for and more.

Initially Gemma and Ed planned to host their wedding breakfast in one of the rooms of the Manor, but last-minute capacity restrictions meant that they had to swap to a marquee sail tent on the grounds with only two weeks’ notice. That wasn’t to be the final hurdle, though – on the day of the wedding, it bucketed such torrents that the ceremony, scheduled to be out in the luscious walled gardens, had to be moved inside.

Twists and Turns, Ups and Downs

But did any of these hitches dampen our spirits? Absolutely not. Looking back on it, Gemma says ‘Whilst it was different to what was planned for 3 years… it all came together perfectly and we got to enjoy every bit of it.’ Nothing compared to the moment 

This Eastwell Manor wedding also held some lovely surprises right alongside its unfortunate twists of fate – and a lot of that was down to Ed’s ingenuity. He secretly had pictures from over all the years they’d been together displayed in the marquee for Gemma to discover, and he also surprised her with a bracelet in the morning. It’s hard to believe, but when they exchanged cards on the morning of their wedding day, Gemma and Ed discovered they’d actually written the same thing to one another.

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