January 25, 2022

Beautiful Countryside Wedding in the Cotswolds | Alex and Emily

Alex and Emily had the most gorgeous stonker of a countryside wedding in the Cotswolds. Their ceremony was in one of the prettiest little parish churches I’ve ever seen – the perfect setting for an English countryside wedding, made even lovelier by their delicate florals and greenery.

When Emily looks back on the day, she says that seeing Alex standing at the end of the aisle was one of the happiest moments of the whole wedding. You can see that joy in their faces, and it exploded in their triumphant exit – racing out of the church in a shower of flower petals and leaping into their red convertible to head out to Norton Grounds, where the rest of the day unfolded.

Perfect Countryside Wedding at Norton Grounds

Norton Grounds is a picture-perfect bed and breakfast and wedding venue, with luxury cottages nestled around an 18th century farmhouse. We got to traipse all around the farm capturing glowing golden-hour couples’ photos before Emily and Alex burst back into the reception to a joyous, napkin-twirling welcome.

The dinner was in the Norton Grounds’s gorgeous restored barn, built out of Cotswolds stone and renovated as a canvas for revelry. Emily and Alex stuffed it with playful details – piles of pillows on long bench seating, rows of espresso martinis, and a tower of profiteroles in lieu of a cake. They really brought a modern edge to this otherwise blissfully traditional countryside wedding – and they and their guests loved every minute of it.

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