January 25, 2022

Borthwick Castle Wedding in Scotland | Karin and Claire

Glamour at its Best in this Borthwick Castle Wedding

LA-based Karin and Claire hauled themselves all the way across the planet to celebrate their marriage in this gorgeous Borthwick Castle wedding. Claire is Scottish, and in the couple’s words “It was important that we have a little piece of both of our cultures: African American and Scottish, so wherever we could we would look for small ways to make sure that was coming though.” I’d say they absolutely smashed that – they crafted a day that was truly one for the books.

Karin wore an incredible and intricate Berta gown, while Claire rocked Highland dress, complete with a custom-made kilt. Their Borthwick Castle wedding was the perfect setting for them – “We really just wanted to be surrounded by beautiful things that we loved and inspired us,” they said. They made the most of the intimacy of this historic venue by doing just that: packing the chapel with gorgeous candles and florals that made for a breathtaking scene.

Laughter and Tears

After their tear-jerker of a ceremony I whisked them away for their portrait session out on the hills – and oh my, get a taste of that wonderful afternoon light! We had a great romp outside the castle walls, and as Claire remembers, “One of our favorite pictures was taken after we stepped into a cow patty. We suffered for art!”

The speeches at this Borthwick Castle wedding really were something else – not a dry eye in the house. But when Claire and Karin look back on the day, this is what they remember:  “The moment we walked in and saw the reception area filled with candles and flowers was unforgettable.  But the best moment was walking up to the chapel and seeing each other for the first time and exchanging our vows.  It was like the rest of the world fell away.”

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