Your Wedding

A soulful blend of images that tells the story...

Your wedding is an epic combination of so many moving parts. You will pour your heart and soul into this wedding and it’s our job to capture the love and magic as your day unfolds. I am particularly smitten by weddings that duck out of convention and try something new. The best weddings hold true to the unique personality of the couples and create their very own traditions.



Pre Wedding Portraits

It is pretty rare to meet people who are completely comfortable with having pictures taken. You will both be one thousand times more chilled on the wedding day and have photos that reflect that if you do a pre-wedding whirl with me. It's such good fun and you'll have a completely different experience on the day if you do it! If you can make it to me in Amsterdam and you are booking your wedding with us this is free.


Weddings & Elopements

Every wedding is its own unique thing and while we have some great example packages in our yearly rate cards, we will always create a bespoke package for you. We have been all over the world shooting weddings both of colossal and minuscule proportions and have a plethora of printing options including magazine, newspapers, albums and cotton rag prints to name but a few!


Maternity & Newborn Images

Don't have regrets. Capture this short period in time with the most beautiful images of both your bump and baby.

How To Book




If it is a fit, the next step is a deposit and some easy online paperwork. For anyone up for a trip to Amsterdam I include a pre-wedding photoshoot. If your wedding is abroad, we can also arrive the morning before the big day and can shoot the pre-wedding dinner, which is a great way to get to know your guests a little. If time allows for it, I also like to take some time with just the two of you while I am there for an hour somewhere close to the venue that explores the locality.


Our little team...


We are a small core team of 3 shooters but have a bevy of other brilliant photographers who 2nd shoot for us. On the day, no matter who is shooting your wedding, we will arrive well before the scheduled start. We shoot parts of the journey to the venue and give the collection of shots a sense of locality, atmospheric conditions and season. We then capture getting ready moments and aim to cover both bride and groom. From there, we cover the day with a variety of perspectives and using a variety of lenses, tell the story of the day with personality, love and honesty. We won't leave you until the story is told!



Once the festivities are over all the images from the wedding go through a selection process to pull out the best images and then each one is edited individually and given some love. This can take up to 3 months depending on how late in the season you do the deed. From there you will receive a link to a beautiful, sharable online gallery to share your images with friends and family. We also have a super helpful and communicative studio assistant who can walk you through all your print and gallery options so you can get the most out of all your images.

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