March 1, 2022

A Complete Guide to Planning an Ibiza Wedding

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Congratulations! You’ve chosen to have an Ibiza wedding for your special day, and with amazing venues overlooking the glimmering Mediterranean sea and the gorgeous weather, you won’t regret it. There may be a little extra planning to be done, but hopefully this Complete Planning Guide will help you dive into crafting your Ibiza wedding.

#1 – Work on your guest list early

A good place to start your Ibiza wedding planning is to work on your guest list. Who will be coming to Ibiza, and who may not be able to make it?

A Complete Guide to Planning an Ibiza Wedding: Wedding guests walking towards the wedding ceremony venue

You will need your guest numbers as you search for wedding venues so work on your guest list early so you know where you’re at.

#2 – Set your budget

Budgeting is always tricky, but it’s really important when planning your Ibiza wedding. Work through every element and don’t forget to include travel and accommodation for both the wedding, and your recce trip out there.

A Complete Guide to Planning an Ibiza Wedding: Bride, with her back to the camera, holding a drink and heading to a table with guests at the reception

We suggest including a line on the budget for contingency money, just in case something unexpected comes up.

#3 – Find your dream Ibiza wedding venue

Now for the fun part… finding your dream venue. There are some stunning venues across the island offering you a wealth of possibilities for your big day.

Check out my article here with some great options. 

Make a shortlist of your favourite venues, and contact them with a concise and clear list of questions. They’ll be able to send you digital brochures, but the most important factor will be their availability and pricing. Remember many Ibiza wedding venues are closed in the winter months until April or May. Once you have this information you’ll be able to make a much more informed decision. 

Before making your final decision, you’ll need to weigh up all elements such as how much you love the space, how the venue will work for your guest numbers, food and drink options, nearby accommodation, and transport links.

It’s a tough decision but think about which venue feels like it reflects you as a couple the most, and which venue you are most excited about when picturing your wedding photos.

I’ve been lucky enough to shoot some amazing weddings in many stunning venues across Europe – have a look through my portfolio here for some outdoor photography inspiration.

#4 – Get your invites out early

Once you have your date and venue in place, prioritise getting your invites out early. Choosing to create a wedding website is a great way to give your guests lots of information, which they will need for their trip. Remember, an Ibiza wedding will require a little more planning for every one of your guests. 

A Complete Guide to Planning an Ibiza Wedding: The wedding guests' silhouette under umbrellas during sunset

You should consider including information on your website like nearby accommodation options, details of how to get the venue and info on any other events you may be planning like a pre-wedding dinner or a pool party the day after!

#5 – Consider hiring a wedding planner

Does your Ibiza wedding venue have a great planning team to help you? If not, you may want to consider hiring a wedding planner on the island. There are a number of planners there who come highly recommended to help you with everything from choosing suppliers, picking decor, liaising with your venue, and even airport transfers. This is especially a good idea if your venue is one that doesn’t supply the bar and catering.

They will also be able to help you with planning the schedule for the day; they will know the island the best. For example, they’ll be able to advise when the hottest time of the day is so that you avoid baking in the sun. They’ll know the most reliable taxi services and the best spots for couples’ photos – their expertise can really be invaluable.

#6 – Find local suppliers

Your venue should be able to give you a list of suppliers that they recommend. It makes a lot of sense to use some of these, like caterers and florists, who have worked with the venue before. 

A Complete Guide to Planning an Ibiza Wedding: Close-up shot of the mini-burgers and shrimp on a tray carried by a server at the wedding reception

However, shop around when it comes to certain elements. For example, research the celebrants on the island who can do your ceremony and pick the one who you click with the most. Check out multiple hair and make up artists so that you choose the one who has a portfolio that you like the most. If you can manage to book some tastings when you’re in town for a pre-wedding visit (more on that later!) that’s really the way to go.

#7 – Do a recce!

This is really important – you must try to see your Ibiza wedding venue in real life before the big day. You want to get a feel for the place, understand the layout, check out the different spots for photo opportunities, and of course sample the food and wine. 

Try to visit at least once with your partner, ideally a few months before. This will also help to make you even more excited for when the day finally arrives. If you can meet your suppliers in person on this trip that would be ideal, and if you can get a hair and make up trial – even better!

#8 – Book your local Registry office at home

Without getting into much longer explanations around the marriage rules in Spain, let’s just say that to get married in Ibiza you need to be legally married in your home country first.

This is pretty straightforward to arrange; you just need to book to go to your local registry office to register your marriage there any time before you jet off to the sunshine. You can choose to make this a very intimate day with just 2 witnesses, or perhaps invite close family and plan a dinner celebration to make it feel a little more special.

A Complete Guide to Planning an Ibiza Wedding: Bride smiling at the groom as she walks down the aisle with the wedding guests behind her

It means that when you come to your Ibiza wedding day, you don’t need to worry about any legal paperwork and can have a ceremony without restrictions. 

#9 – Final check ins

A month before your wedding make sure you check in with your venue and all your suppliers. Just give them a gentle nudge so that your wedding is at the forefront of their mind. Go through any last minute details and questions you may have and set your mind at rest.

A Complete Guide to Planning an Ibiza Wedding: Bride walking out of her suite to head to the wedding reception

Planning Your Dream Ibiza Wedding

I do hope that this has given you some inspiration on the process of planning your dream Ibiza wedding. If you’re looking for a passionate photographer who will capture the love and magic of your wedding day as it unfolds in the sunshine then please do get in touch.


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Bride and groom smiling during their wedding shoot in front of a hedge of white flowers, taken by Divine Day Photography; image overlaid with text that reads A Complete Guide to Planning An Ibiza Wedding

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