December 7, 2021

Top Rated Lake Como Wedding Venues (2022)

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Newylwed couple sharing an embrace and looking at each other while posing next to a wall at Lake Como; image overlaid with text that reads Top Rated Lake Como Wedding Venues

When it comes to wedding venue selection, Lake Como is undoubtedly one of the best and most beautiful places to get married in the whole world. Not only do you have the lake itself, which is the third-largest in Italy and mind-bogglingly lovely, but you also get the Lake Como wedding venues. 

People have been building luxurious villas along the shores of Lake Como since the Roman times. When you’re there, it’s easy to see why – it’s hard to imagine a more wonderful holiday destination. What that means for you, though, is that you have a plethora of remarkable Lake Como wedding venues to choose from. The levels of intricate design and elegant grandeur on display here are the perfect way to celebrate your love story. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the top rated Lake Como wedding venues.

The Top Rated Lake Como Wedding Venues

#1 – Villa del Balbianello

Newlywed couple walking towards Villa del Balbianello with a stone path and big, green hedges, taken by Divine Day Photography

Capacity: 60 on the Loggia Segre, 150 on the terrace

Onsite Overnight Stay: No

This is one of the most famous Lake Como wedding venues, known for its elaborate terraced gardens and brought to even greater attention by features in Star Wars and James Bond films. There’s an irresistible sense of drama here, in that you can only bring in your guests to reach the wooded peninsula via boat.

For the ceremony, most couples choose to hold their vows on the triple arched Loggia, which offers spectacular views of the Alps over the water. Different terraces and winding paths on the garden-slope climbing up from the water are the perfect place for a cocktail reception, while your dinner can be held on the Loggia Segre’s private terrace or, for larger events, in a marquee in the lower gardens.

#2 – Villa Sola Cabiati

Bride getting her makeup done in one of the rooms at Villa Sola Cabiati, one of the top rated Lake Como Wedding Venues

Capacity: 70

Onsite Overnight Stay: Up to 12 

This historic villa was built in the 1500s, and, paired with world-class renovation and management by the nearby Grand Hotel Tremezzo, is an exquisitely-crafted experience. If you choose to stay in the Villa overnight, you have access to all of the amenities of the Hotel, too.

The intricate wrought-iron gates at the bottom of the geometric Italian gardens are a beautiful highlight. For your celebrations, you have access to the stunning gardens and courtyard, as well as the historic rooms on the ground floor of the villa. With so many spaces to play with, this is one of the Lake Como wedding venues that really allows you to create a remarkable multi-dimensional experience for your guests, with a whole environment for them to enjoy and explore.

#3 – Villa Il Balbiano

Couple smiling and talking with their wedding guests at the wedding reception venue in Villa Il Balbiano

Capacity: 60 for gardens or indoor events, 200 for the wider outdoor space

Onsite Overnight Stay: Up to 30

On the outside, this 17th-century villa is a picture of restrained Italian charm. Simpler than some of the other Lake Como wedding venues on this list, don’t be fooled – it’s just as beautifully preserved and full of elegant luxury. Inside, this Villa is decorated in a gorgeous Baroque style.

You can hold your ceremony right down by the water, on a lawn with unbelievable views of the lake and surrounding mountains, as well as the impressive facade of the house. Afterwards, hold your cocktail reception among the fountains, lily ponds, and statues of the gardens. For a reception dinner, you can choose to have it outside in the gardens or in the decadent inner rooms.

#4 – Villa Pizzo

Bride posing in her bridal dress and holding her bridal bouquet with her back to the camera at Villa Pizzo, captured by Divine Day Photography

Capacity: Up to 150

Onsite Overnight Stay: Yes

One of the most special Lake Como wedding venues, the Villa Pizzo has played host to a wide array of prestigious events and celebrity weddings in its time. Its appeal is undeniable – the long terraced gardens extend along the lakeshore in a tangle of paths, with surprises around every corner.

One of the things that makes Villa Pizzo so unique is that the gardens are designed in different sections – there’s an English Garden, an Italian Garden, a Genoan garden, and that’s just the beginning. After wandering through these gardens and making your way through an avenue of trees, you can find yourself on their magnificent stone terrace, right at the water’s edge – the perfect place for large ceremony celebrations.

For your reception, you have any of the garden areas to explore, as well as four different historic halls inside the Villa itself. There are a variety of world-class rooms, ranging from intimate affairs of 20 guests to a full 150-person banquet.

#5 – Hotel Villa D’Este

Capacity: Up to 200

Onsite Overnight Stay: Up to 150

This utterly lovely lakeside hotel has all of the amenities you’d expect from a world-class, luxurious establishment. Easily reached from the city of Como, the hotel has been a favorite haunt of many of Europe’s most discerning travelers. When it comes to Lake Como wedding venues, you couldn’t ask for a more striking fairytale backdrop than the shining Mosaic Garden, expertly designed to give a feast for the eyes wherever you look. For more intimate ceremonies, you also have the option of a lakeside terrace right by the water.

When it comes to your evening celebrations, the hotel’s Sala Impero banqueting hall is the perfect spot for an incredible dinner. Depending on how late you want to take your evening, there’s even a private nightclub you and your guests can descend upon to polish off the night! And, of course, the pool and spa are waiting for you the morning after.

Exploring Lake Como Wedding Venues

As you can see, Lake Como wedding venues will absolutely take your breath away. Steeped in history, kept in luxury, and defined by beauty, these hotels and villas may have been built for private owners long ago, but they certainly seem designed to give the most stunning wedding experience! We hope that one of these venues has caught your eye – best of luck with planning your perfect day.

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Bride and groom walk with each other while holding hands around the wedding venue at Lake Como; image overlaid with text that reads Top Rated Wedding Venues Lake Como
Couple dance together as they smile during their wedding shoot with Divine Day Photography; image overlaid with text that reads Top Rated Lake Como Wedding Venues

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