It wasn’t on the top of either of their agenda to have any egagement snaps done, but a little re-assurance that it actually helps make the wedding photos better was all it took to inspire them both to make the treck out to my home in the hills.

I include a pre-wedding in a wedding package for the simple reason that it makes all the differnce on the day! Couples who have had even just a half an hour with me before the big day are so much more relaxed. Selfishly, I’ll admit this makes it much easier for me as even the lightly experienced couples sort of seem to know what to do. Meaning I can just happily snap away giving only minor instructions and leave the duo, for the most part just doing their own thing.

So here’s Bella & Mike doing a fantastic job of warming up. We took a good trek deep into the Surrey North Downs. Sadly there are no snaps of the deer who seemed to be circling us, but we did manage a few decent shots before the sun dipped behind the hills to hide for the rest of the night.

Stay tuned for the wedding shots, this will be an especially beautiful one!


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