Costal, A Pre Wedding Warm-Up

A Seaside Engagement Shoot

Dungeness, Kent

There are few experiences more bizarre than someone following you around taking snaps of you being ‘in the moment’. It’s strange and awkward…but truth be told (as I have also been on the other side of the camera for this), it’s also good fun oddly and a truly different, more authentic set of pictures is produced when you can get over that strange extra body behind that lens.

I include a pre-shoot for my couples which for the most part are taken on with acquiescence, knowing it’s possibly useful in order to accustom oneself to that lurking presence all wedding long. And on the flip side, I like to know that you feel at ease with me hanging about slightly off to the side shooting the moments.

These engagement shoots are also a great way for couples to get used to direction…I do give loads. It may all look mostly relaxed and candid, but there is indeed some prodding that is done to achieve that. It’s roughly a couple hours (at most) and we often get some knock out shots while having a giggle.

These ones we trekked down to Dungeness for on a special request. I love shooting by the sea and especially here. The light is exceptional and the wondrous wastelands of abandoned shacks, fishing boats and seaside paraphernalia offer up something off the beaten path.

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