Wedding Photography Barnsley House.

“I have learned that to be with those I like is enough”
― Walt Whitman

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Dawn & Graham made it very simple. Find an outrageously gorgeous hotel in perhaps one of the country’s most magical places, invite their closest friends and family and throw in a few nuptials. No plated sit down meal, no cake and speeches kept informal in an open mic style. It worked.

Barnsley is one of those ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ villages in the Cotwolds, but it is host to Barnsley House, a romantic Mr & Mrs Smith pick. All the moving parts are there, a Grotto, a lily clad pond, a folly, tree lined passages and hidden enclaves tucked behind gated fences.

The staff were friendly and attentive, keeping an eye on details the whole time and making sure that it all maintained it’s touch of class.

A huge congrats to Dawn and Graham on creating a day that was more about togetherness and less about a strict wedding schedule.

Graham’s words…

We met in 2001 when we worked together at a financial services company in Cheadle Hulme. From day one we really didn’t get on. I thought she was young and silly and she basically hated me because I was cocky and full of myself! However, over a period of time I wore her down (Dawn’s words not mine!) and we ended up in a sort of love hate relationship towards the end of the year, until we finally got together in February 2002.

The wedding we wanted was the one we got! It was exactly as we planned, which was to have afternoon tea/ BBQ / garden party followed by a house party and somewhere in between two people got married! We just didn’t want it feel like a standard wedding and wanted it to be informal and relaxed and much more of party / celebration than a wedding.

Highlights – other than the whole day going off without a hitch and the weather being amazing (considering how bad it looked in the morning), it had to be the readings from our friends. We hadn’t looked at them, even though we submitted them to the venue, as we wanted them to be a surprise, which they were, in such a good way. They were all totally different but were perfect in every way. We also really enjoyed the day before. After all the planning it was lovely to relax with everyone and just go to the pub and have a laugh, which no doubt helped with any nerves, especially for Dawn. It was also really nice to see everyones faces and how amazing they thought the venue was. As we had fallen in love with it, we wanted everyone to feel the same and luckily they did. The final highlight (for me at least), was just how beautiful Dawn looked. I am a lucky guy to have such a gorgeous girl everyday, but on that specific day she looked more amazing than I have ever seen her.

Surprising feelings – for me, I guess it was just how relaxed I was. I genuinely thought I would get nervous but I think the weather issues in the morning took my mind off it and then when I saw Dawn and how lovely she looked I just couldn’t stop thinking about her so I didn’t have time to get emotional. I think Dawn feels the same (bar how amazing I looked!!).

Advice – just do it and don’t get too stressed or involved in the crap that most people do, like who to invite or getting bogged down on every little aspect. We did everything in 6 months from start to finish and, honestly, it was a breeze. We decided on the TYPE OF DAY WE WANTED, which was more friends than family, and a small wedding, and just went for it! As result we had an absolute blast!

The Suppliers

Rachel Nelson (this girl is a star!) at Barnsley House (venue)

Norma & Dorothy (invites)

Linda & Linda at Gloucester Registrars (ceremony)

Hannah at David M Robinson Manchester (rings)

Gemma & Sarah at Aqua Flowers (flowers)

Gemma & Sarah at Adorning Angels (props & décor)

Lee & Dawn (Dude you are a legend!) at Shutterbox films (videographer)

Leah Toomey (hair)

Katie Pheiffer (makeup)

Amy, Megan and all the Team at Ted Baker Manchester (Groom, Best Man, Usher’s and Bridesmaids outfits)

Rachael & Pam at Atelier Bride  (wedding dress)

Watch the montage

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  1. An e-mail from the groom…
    Name: Graham & Dawn Young
    Comment: Sandy, what can i say! You have taken the most amazing photo’s of our day. They are exactly what we were looking for and not a single one disappoints. You have captured the vibe of the day perfectly. You are an absolute genius. To anyone looking at this website or reading this post, you can stop searching for a photographer as you have found the right person to capture what will be the most important day of your life. Sandy was introduced to us by two very special people in our lives (one of which is my boss!!) and from the first email to now she has been incredible. She got US straight away, was so easy to work with and made even the boring stuff (i remember the invoice number) fun! We didn’t really need to give her a brief she just understood what we wanted from a single phone call. She spent 2 whole days with us and as far as i am concerned she wasn’t our photographer, she was a friend and guest at the wedding, who just happened to be taking some (brilliant) photos. The icing on the cake was that i don’t even remember her taking 90% of what you see, because she just blended in!!

    All our love Graham & Dawn x x

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