Nell, Duncan & Wild Flowers

Suddenly I realize
That if I stepped out of my body I would break
Into blossom.

-James Write

Photography by Jerri Jarmeh and Marie Absolom for Divine Day Photography

This wedding exudes a sort of timeless romantic perfection. Nell’s vision for the wedding was an inclusive and entirely homespun wedding. It all looks effortless, but in fact it was all Nell and her mighty team of artistic doers who created this wedding. In fact aside from some clothing, music and people to capture it all on digital film there are no suppliers here to mention.

They came with kids, with tents and with an open mind and like so many of this summer’s weekends the benevolent sun Gods had played along too.

I was sadly not around for this one, instead I was celebrating my husband and my 40th in the Muskokas in Canada which was wonderful beyond measure. However, I was aching with envy when I went through the cards to see what Jerri and Marie had before them. From Nell’s words I knew well it was going to be painful to miss this one.

Get inspired, know that a wedding can be done outrageously well on a shoestring and a lot of Pinterest!

Here are Nell’s words…

How did you two meet?

We were flatmates. Duncan was already a medical student in London and I moved to London to start my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, we got together after about three weeks of living together!

How did he propose? 

Whilst trekking in the Pyrenees. We do a lot of trekking and he had planned to propose 6 months earlier in Nepal but lost the ring during the trek!

Describe your wedding theme and how you wanted guests to feel.

No theme really. Just very homemade. We wanted people to feel relaxed.

Anything that surprised about getting married?

Just that I wasn’t nervous at all during the ceremony. I thought I would be but I just felt emotional, not anxious.

How were the pre-wedding nerves, any tips to stay calm?

Stay present, in the moment.

Who helped you put the wedding together?

So many people – friends and family. My sister did the food, my mum all the flowers, my step-dad and cousin build various structures/games, Duncan’s brother supplied the Gin (he has his own distillery), and then there were about 15 other friends and family members took time off work the week before to come and set things up. It was incredible.

What did you give your bridesmaids as presents?

Handmade ceramic personalised bowls (made by my sister in law) and necklaces.

Any advice for brides to be?

I think everyone and every wedding is so unique and personal that it’s just about doing it your own way.



My mum (Sam McColl) and her friend Monnie Wylie (who is a florist in Edinburgh)


My sister and us


Tarquin’s Gin (Duncan’s brother)

Toast Master

Will Grant (Duncan’s best man)


Charlie Brear

Dress alterations

Amanda’s Alterations (Amanda Trambling)


The Quadrangle Trust, a non-profit organisation run by my aunt and cousins


Cine Weddings

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