Designing a Wedding with Personality

I love this wedding. I loved it from the moment I walked into the designated bridal suite at the Talbot Inn (which is now one of my all time favourite affordable country bolt holes. She had just the right shade of pink happening…so hard to nail that one! All the moving parts were so clearly and well throughout out.

No secrets here,  I love a wedding that skips convention. It’s like a dunk in cool arctic waters after do the Marathon Des Sables to see a wedding that has decided to run with  a theme or idea sparked by something bigger than the force fed de rigueur.

This wedding pays a gorgeous homage to the venue it has taken place in, The Orangery at Longleat. Brilliant! It’s not easy doing this. Florists tow the same line, wedding venues typically know only the straight and narrow beaten path and one might fear that traditional parents might get an unwelcome shock at something off course.

After 10 years at this I can only say that the stand out weddings, the ones where there seems to have an extra electrical current running through them, are the ones where the brave and big hearted couple have created a wedding not with tradition in mind, but the pure and utter enjoyment of the friends and family they’ve invited to share their wedding day with.

I’ve seen couples do rubber duck races, create a second seating plan for dessert, rope in family to do a song and dance,  pop up a back yard cinema featuring Goonies and play a “get to know the guests” game which involved each person getting a slip of paper with a personal fact and having to sleuth their way around the room to find out who the mystery person was! Worked a treat. Location also plays a big part of it. Last year we shot a wedding for Nell and Duncan who created a festival wedding. Guests rocked up with tents and the whole event took place in an ancient barn which spilled out onto the woodlands where fire pits, alfresco bars and games set the space alight!

Wherever you can go off piste, I’d urge you to do it, especially if it involves delighting the crowd! Be brave and reap the rewards. When your friends pay homage to your courage by borrowing the idea at their wedding, be impressed with yourself…you did something right!

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